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Welcome to New Jerusalem Orphanage Center
We Need Several Projects to Meet Their Needs
   1. Construction of an orphanage to house more than 500
 children whose life has been devastated by the tragedy
 of 1/12/2010.  The total of such project is $450,000.00.
   2. Construction of a new school, the center board
 director and staffs strongly believe that education is the
 key to development and the only way of out of poverty.
 Access to an education in Saint Michel de lattalaye is
 scare and many of the children stay home.  A new school
 from k-12 to 10th grade will be opened by the end of
 2013.  The cost is $600,000.00.
   3. Access to clean water, the center will build 5 water
 wells , so that the community will get access to clean
 water. Thus, prevent many related water borne diseases.
 The cost for the project is $26,000.000.
   4. Hygiene and Sanitation. New Jerusalem plan to build
 6 latrines Community toilets.  The project will cost
We now take care of ninety children

who we are enjoyably introducing them to training techniques
that teach them the fundamentals of life.  Skills for being
courteous to people and showing respect.  How to cook and
sew a button or working with wood.  We help them to learn
how to develop the abilities to use their imaginations in
creating unique forms of making lifes tasks a little easier,
art, new games and things to enjoy.  We teach them how to 
grow plants and tend animals for survival and the ways of
our technical world today, electricity, power production,
electronics and computer skills.
New Jerusalem Orphanage Center Inc., is a 501 ( c ) ( 3) organization duly registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was founded in 2000 by Yanick Charles. The organization is a non-profit that is dedicated to assisting and providing support to the underserved and underprivileged children, youth and families of Saint Michel de L'attalaye in Haiti.Haiti children orphanage orphan poverty earthquake
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